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The ventriloquist Block has lived completely isolated since his wife’s death and avoids any contact with the outside world. The only person in his live is his ventriloquist dummy, with whom he still appears in small variety shows – and which has become his only friend over the years. One evening, just before Block desperately wants to jump from the roof of his apartment building, he meets Marie. It is impossible for him to contact her himself, so his doll speaks for him. Marie and the doll connect right away – while Marie doesn’t even notice block anymore. Although the doll sits on Block’s arm and is played by him, it has developed its own will and fell head over heels in love with Marie. Friends become rivals because Block also has a strong interest in Marie.


Script, Producer and Director: Florian Schröder
Anton Block: Christian Wewerka
Marie Lutz: Luzie Buck
Kellner: Christian Hageleit
Camera: Daniel Ruczko & Florian Kelm
Cut: Florian Kelm
Make-up & Doll: Raimund Vetter
Digital Compositor & Colorist: Florian Kelm
Foley & Sound Effect Editor: Daniel Ruczko
Soundtrack: Mvscle
Running time: ca. 25 Minuten