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WOKASOMA is the fictional brand name of the German Pop Artist Florian Schröder (*1980).

Florian Schröder who has been working in the advertisement industry for many years, is well acquainted with the means of blurring the lines between art and commerce. His artistic work depicts the practices and methods commonly used in the world of advertisement and consumption in various ways. The conceptual appearance as a brand, cooperate identity and franchise, is both progression of Pop Art Ideology and stylistic device. Mechanical reproduction and a bold visual language characterize WOKASOMA’s features of recognition. Above all though, WOKASOMA is an ovation to our modern trivial culture. With WOKASOMA the artist can work on various projects, often simultaneously and at the same time. Every project can be understood as an autonomous self-contained edition. By now, his interdisciplinary oeuvre includes prints, photographs, music videos, party series, movies, clothes, toys and records. Lately the artist has been focusing on his Synthie-Pop band OPUS LEOPARD. Result of this project is the release of two albums, Futter für die Götter (2015) and Kunst oder Katze (2016). As a musician he has been performing in Paris, London, Berlin and Moscow. Florian Schröder lives and works in Ulm.